Farm Godeis

This adventure farm is run by the Kock family, offering many activities from farm stay to camping, from mountain biking to hiking.

Gather your family and friends for an activity filled weekend in nature close to Windhoek.

You can either attempt the 16km Leopard Hiking Trail or the7km Dassie Trail. For the cyclists out there,why don't you attempt the challenging 'Castle Hill' return route of 35km or enjoy one of the many easier routes within the Springbok Reserve.

The Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail also passes through our land.

It is is only 70km west of Windhoek (~1.5 hours travel time) and is accessible with either your 4x4 or sedan.

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The 7000 ha farm within the majestic Khomas Hochland mountain range is just a stone throw away from Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. A wide range of activities are offered on the farm including a farm stay and camping. And for the more adventurous outdoor lovers also mountain biking and hiking.

Gather your friends and family for a weekend out in Mother Nature and encounter some of the best hiking and mountain biking within an hour from Windhoek. Or just spend the weekend relaxing in an exclusive idyllic scenery.

The hiking enthusiast has various trails to choose from. You can attempt the challenging 16 km Leopard Hiking Trail, the more relaxed 7 km Dassie Hiking Trail or even both on consecutive days. And for the cyclists – the demanding Castle Hill return route of 32 km will definitely test your will power climbing over 500 m just to get to the top. However, you will be rewarded with countless free riding moments on your way back. Or you can just enjoy one of the many easier routes within the Springbok Reserve ideal for families or beginners.

All this is only 70 km west of Windhoek (about 1.5 hour travel time) and although gravel road is easy accessible with either a 2×4 or 4×4 vehicle.